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Sun Strategic Developer

Providing Value to the Imaging Marketplace

With customers in Europe, Asia, and North America, NetBrand is meeting its goal of developing innovative software and services and marketing them via the Internet. We would like the opportunity to supply your company with the tools, objects, and support you need to satisfy the requirements of your clients and customers.

FIST Imaging Mission
  • To enable System Integrators and Corporate Developers to rapidly design, build, and deploy powerful imaging-enabled applications.
  • To offer Software Vendors a flexible and powerful imaging platform for improved functionality, performance, and time-to-market.
Technical Vision

The next generation of software will be defined by several attributes:
  • Portability - The same software will run on different machines, in different environments, across networks, and provide consistent functionality and scalable performance.
  • Componentization - Developers and Integrators will assemble intelligent building blocks to build and deploy their applications. We believe in medium granularity/complexity for these components - smaller than applications but larger than individual classes.
  • Robustness - Software must perform reliably and degrade gracefully. Systems must make efficient use of network resources, and be self-updating and correcting.
We feel strongly that the Java language and environment provide the best domain for advancing the state of software art.

Company Background

NetBrand Inc. has been developing advanced imaging and related software since 1990. In 1996 the company began to develop and market its F.I.S.T. imaging system of Java software for the Internet. Our office is located in downtown Toronto, Canada.

Partnering with NetBrand

Build your ISV or SI business by outsourcing your advanced imaging components to us. Check out how our OEM Partner Plan can give your Product or Solution an edge in features, performance, and style.

For further information please register or e-mail info@netbrand.com.

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