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Applet Compatibility

Applet Parameters

Viewer functionality is described in the following sections:
Viewer Layout

The overall layout of the Viewer is shown in the following picture:

The Toolbar Thumbnails The Viewport The Toolbar Thumbnails The Viewport
The Toolbar
Printing Printing
(Note that some of the above buttons may not be present in your version of the viewer)


You can select a region to view in the viewer by dragging out a rectangle on the thumbnail image (the same way you can in the viewer, but here you can use the left mouse button).

The Viewport

Extra Features There are several options which may be added to the FIST Viewer. Icons which control them are arranged vertically above the Zoom Slider. Shown is the "Flying Magnifier", which pops up a magnifying rectangle over the image.
Page Buttons First displays the first image. Prev displays the previous image. Next displays the next image. Last displays the last image.
Page Menu Displays a menu of all images currently loaded into the viewer. Choose an image to view it. These same images are shown and selectable as Thumbnails, if they are present.
Rotation Buttons Orients the current image to 0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees.
Scrollbars Allow you to pan the image horizontally and vertically.
Zoom Slider Allows you to interactively zoom into and out of the image. Minimum zoom is 1%, maximum zoom is 2000%.
Zoom Menu Provides preset Zoom factors. Also allows you to fit the image into the viewport (by width, height, or the whole image).


When you click the Print Icon in the toolbar, the following dialog appears:

You may choose to print each image at its Current Orientation (for example, rotated by 90 degrees), or its Default Orientation (generally unrotated).

You may also choose a scaling factor for the images (25%, 50%, 100%, 200%, 400%, 800%), or print it at the current Zoom factor in the Viewport.

The "Scale images if necessary" checkbox tells the applet to scale back an image to fit on the available page, if necessary.

Clicking the "START PRINTING" button Will begin the printing process, generally by popping up the System Print Dialog.

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