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Beans Specifications

Swing Beans

Would you like to have your own live imaging system up and running in less than one hour? Download our sample Beans and try them in your favorite IDE.
  • Place a DisplaySwingFISTbean in the center of your UI, and a DocviewSwingFISTbean to its left.
  • Choose Zoom tools and position them where you want them.
  • Finish off with a PrintSwingFISTbean and you're ready to run!

NetBrand Beans are specially designed to work together, so when you place a ZoomInSwingFISTbean near a DisplaySwingFISTbean or AnnotateSwingFISTbean, it Zooms in the image when pressed by the user.

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Basic Architecture
  • 100% Java. Object-oriented design.
  • All processing performed in shared Engines for controlled resource usage.
  • All Beans are designed to operate in the Swing environment.
  • Docview Beans are fine-grained, most requiring no additional programming.

Docview Features The Docview Panel to the left of the Display shows all Documents loaded into the Viewer.
  • Document Parts (Images/Graphics) and Pages (for complex formats) are shown.
  • Thumbnails are automatically generated at the current user View orientation.
  • Currently displayed Part/Page is shown.
  • User-initiated features:
    • Select Part/Page for Display.
    • Multiple Part/Page selection for Printing.
    • Optional drag-and-drop Part/Page reordering by the user.

Display Features Beans display Raster Images and Graphic Pictures.
  • Color Models: B&W, Grayscale, RGB, YCC, CMY(K).
  • Model supports Interpolation (NN and BiCubic), Compositing.
  • Fonts used from Host Machine.

Pan Features Beans offer traditional Pan features.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Pan Scrollbars.
  • Mouse / Keyboard direct pan on display.

Zoom Features Beans offer High Quality Zoom with an optional Interactive Mode (faster lowQ while dynamically zooming).
  • Zoom In/Out Buttons.
  • Zoom Slider allows precise zoom.
  • Drag Zoom allows zooming to a user-selected rectangle.
  • Zoom Menu offers choice and displays current zoom.
  • Zoom Back Button restores previous.
  • Mouse / Keyboard direct zoom on display.

Navigation Features
  • Page Buttons. Select First/Previous/Next/Last image loaded into the Viewer.
  • Page Menu. Select from every displayable image loaded into the Viewer.

Orientation Features
  • Rotation Buttons. Set currently displayed image's rotation.
  • Fit Buttons. Fit current image to display Width, Height, or both.
  • Rotate Entire Document by 90, 180.

Printing Features
  • Print selected images or all images.
  • Fit larger images to page, small images to fill percentage of page.
  • Programmable Headers and Footers

Extra Features
  • Flying Magnifier. Pop-up Window displays dynamic zoomed image of current mouse position.
  • Image Status. Pop-up Window displays Document details and any decode errors.
  • Transparent Overlay Button. Click to make the annotation layer (see below) transparent.

Document Formats Beans decode and display popular image file formats.
  • TIFF. B&W and Color. RLE/G3/G4/LZW**/JPEG/PackBits/ThunderScan.
  • GIF.
  • JPEG.
  • PNG.
  • BMP.
  • Fax formats. WinFax, G3, FileNet.
Beans are also available which display more advanced file formats and print streams.
  • PCL/GL2.
  • MO:DCA. Includes IOCA, PTOCA, and other AFP-based formats.
**Required external license.

Annotation Features Beans are available which allow the user to Annotate (mark-up) the Documents they are displaying. The annotated documents may then be printed or the annotations saved to a server. The annotations may also be "burned" into the Document and exported as a new Document.
  • Annotation Tools:
    • Pointer (selection)
    • Rectangle
    • Filled Rectangle
    • Oval
    • Filled Oval
    • Line
    • Open Poly
    • Closed Poly
    • Filled Poly
    • Pencil Poly
    • Pencil
    • Hilighter
    • Rect Hilighter
    • X
    • Line w/ Arrow
    • Poly w/ Arrow
    • Cloud
    • Text
    • Text Stamp
  • Annotation Properties:
    • Color Palette
    • Line Width
    • Text font face, point size
  • Annotation Operations:
    • Cut
    • Copy
    • Paste
    • Move to Back
    • Move to Front
    • Undo / Redo

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